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One of only 25 cord blood centers worldwide, Oklahoma Blood Institute’s public umbilical cord blood center lets families celebrating a joyous event in their own lives bring the same to those battling leukemia and other blood disorders. Read More > >

A fasting lipid panel is available for purchase.  Blood donation is not required for purchased tests.  Read More > >

Only 30 percent of those who need a marrow transplant find a family member who is a matched donor. All others rely on people who have registered with programs such as Oklahoma Blood Institute‘s Be The Match® national registry. Read More > >

Oklahoma Blood Institute partners with Dendreon as a collection center for Provenge® Prostate Cancer Treatment. Read More > >

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening is available for purchase.  Blood donation is not required for purchased tests. Read More > >

Therapeutic apheresis is a general term for treatments that remove harmful proteins, chemicals or cells in blood that contribute to disease. An automated, blood collection machine separates blood components, isolates the targeted substance and returns the remaining components to a patient. Read More > >

Therapeutic phlebotomy is the removal of blood for medical reasons. Therapeutic phlebotomy must be ordered by a licensed physician, and is used as a treatment for medical conditions when there is too much iron or red blood cells in the body. Read More > >

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    When two Oklahoma City ladies donated with Oklahoma Blood Institute, they had no idea how precious that donation was.

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    Oklahoma casinos have teamed up to save lives of patients in our community by hosting blood drives in May.

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