Community Report 2009-2011

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When looking at Oklahoma Blood Institute’s most recent trio of fiscal years, it is easy to argue that good things come in threes.

First and foremost, we have fulfilled our mission of being the “donor to patient lifeline” by processing 600,000 donations for life-saving and life-enhancing transfusions. These generous gifts ensured that neither patients nor caregivers in our service area went in need of blood products. Building on these successes, in 2010 we extended our altruistic reach into western Arkansas by acquiring blood centers in Fort Smith and Hot Springs.

A second area of accomplishment is blood safety. We have instituted new tests for hepatitis B and Chagas disease. We have modified our plasma production from female donors to reduce a possible, rare risk of lung injury in recipients. We have extensively upgraded our equipment, procedures and facilities to improve our work environment. Our current string of 22 clean, Food and Drug Administration inspections illustrates the impact of our exertions and investments.

A third pillar of recent success is stewardship of our financial resources. We have worked hard to reign in expenses. Driven by the creative suggestions of our staff, we have streamlined processes, sourced cheaper materials and consolidated functions. Our staff has embraced a culture of financial discipline and efficiency. Because of this focus, we have avoided significant price increases for our hospital partners and have added dozens of new healthcare facilities as customers.

We invite you to delve deeper into our work on behalf of our communities by reading this Report. We hope you come away with an appreciation for the positive momentum being generated by Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas Blood Institutes.

Your interest in Oklahoma Blood Institute is much appreciated.


John Armitage, M.D., president & chief executive officer