Justin’s Story

Justin tells how during a check-up with his doctor, blood work revealed he had leukemia. If it wasn’t for 10 volunteer blood donors that gave not knowing whose life they would save, he wouldn’t be here today.

Payton’s Story

Payton received her first blood transfusion when she was two days old. When she was two months old, she was diagnosed with a genetic enzyme deficiency in her blood. She frequently needs blood transfusions and will for the rest of her life.

Payton’s mom encourages everyone who is eligible, to consider giving blood.  You could save a baby’s life.  You could save Payton’s life. 

Ransom Lewis

Ransom was born five weeks early with a heart condition and a blood disorder that did not allow his blood to clot properly. As a newborn, he had to undergo surgery, but the doctors encountered a problem. Ransom’s dad, Steve, said the doctors told him that they could not stop the bleeding.
Ransom bled out the equivalent of three liters of blood that day before doctors were able to stabilize him. Thirty-five blood donors were needed to keep Ransom alive, but thanks to their contribution Ransom is now a healthy teenager.

Ransom is forever grateful to those who saved his life. “Someone gave blood just so I could be alive,” he said.

Grateful for 19 blood donors who saved my life!

Willis tells how one decision changed his life. Today, he is a advocate for people with disabilities. He also encourages everyone who is able to give blood.  You never know whose life you can save or when you might be the one who needs blood to survive. 

Ada Celebrates Life with Lauryn

Like many 6-year-old little girls, Lauryn Watkins enjoyed dancing, singing and pretending she’s a princess. But during those carefree years, life for this vibrant child wasn’t carefree. Lauryn Watkins standing

Lauryn was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in February 2010. It began with symptoms similar to a sinus infection. Rounds of antibiotics provided no relief, and, additionally, Lauryn would randomly spike a fever and suffer from intense leg pains causing her to crawl instead of walk.

After a year-and-a-half battle, it became clear that cancer picked the wrong princess. Though she endured two bone marrow biopsies, many spinal taps, numerous doses of intense chemotherapy drugs and more, Lauryn has now been cancer free for several years.

She received the generous, life-saving gift of blood from six Oklahoma Blood Institute donors in order to survive. Her mother, Sherri Ellis, says she appreciates those who have helped Lauryn get through very difficult times.. “I urge anyone who’s able to donate to do so, in order for lives to continue to be saved.”

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This Cowboy and Sooner have a special bond!

Tyler Zander, Stillwater, and Teresa Keever, Edmond, are examples of Oklahomans divided by Bedlam yet united through blood donation.  It took 97 blood donors to save Tyler’s life in 2010 when he was in a grain elevator accident that severed his leg and left him battling for life for four months.  Even that didn’t slow down his lifelong dream to attend OSU where he is a senior. Recently, he met Teresa, one of those who saved his life, and learned she is an avid Sooner. “On the field, we may be different – Cowboy and Sooner – but we’re all Oklahomans,” Tyler said.  Teresa agreed.  “When I donate, I don’t bleed crimson or orange. I bleed love.” 

Kamryn’s Story

Purple Heart Recipient Finds Reward In Blood Donation

by Jessica Rose, Community Relations Intern

After nearly giving his life for his country, Staff Sergeant Chas Schroeder, 33, says donating blood with Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) is something else he just has to do. 

The Fort Sill Staff Sergeant suffered shrapnel wounds to his groin and a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan in 2011. Schroeder and his battalion were attacked by enemy fighters and took hits to their ammunition bunker from rockets.  His injuries occurred as he saved the lives of fellow soldiers.  For his bravery, SSG Schroeder received the Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star and the National Defense Service Medal.

Drill Sergeant Chas Schroeder joins Blood Institute phlebotomists Holly Jackson (left) and Tarah Churchman (right) along with Mary Spannagel, senior account manager, at a recent Alpha Battery 1-79 blood drive at Fort Sill.

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Jackson Quick’s Story

Jackson QuickThe May 2013 tornado in Moore, OK, changed Jackson Quick’s life forever.  The tornado hit his home and nearly severed his leg.  He spent four months in the hospital but returned to Briarwood Elementary the day after he was released! 

Jackson is alive thanks to 12 blood donors – people that gave BEFORE there was a disaster, not knowing whose lives they would save. 

Join these generous people in being a REGULAR blood donor. You never know when disaster will strike, but those needing blood as a result of it will be saved by those who gave before it ever occurred.

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Briley Hostas Story

The Hostas family glowed with joy at the birth of their first child, Briley.  They could have never imagined their precious daughter would need blood transfusions for serious medical conditions not once, but twice, before she turned 5! 

Life was great for the Hostas with lively, happy Briley who seemed healthy.  But things changed quickly, and Briley was diagnosed with leukemia, a blood cancer. At age 3, she was hospitalized and needed blood from numerous donors as she battled for her life.  In just three months’ time, she required as much as six platelet transfusions.

Briley“Each time Briley received the blood transfusions, we were just so thankful that there was blood ready and available for her,” said John Hostas.  Thankfully, the chemotherapy treatments seemed to be working.

But just a year later, the Hostas had another scare.  In May 2012, they received a call that Briley and her grandmother had been in a terrible car accident. Briley’s grandmother Gloria had taken Briley shopping when a semi-truck T-boned the car. Briley broke both of the femurs in her legs.  Sadly, Gloria didn’t survive the crash.

Once again, Briley and her family needed blood donors to help them through a crisis.  Blood from four donors during Briley’s two-week hospital stay helped her heal.

It’s an understatement to say that Briley’s leukemia and the car crash changed the way the Hostas family views blood donation.

“Neither one of us ever gave blood before Briley was diagnosed. We just didn’t think about it,” John said. “But now we give blood every time we can, because it really does save lives, including our little Briley’s.”

Briley completed her treatment for leukemia on March 30, 2013. Now at age seven, Briley is active and playful, ready to take on third grade.

“Without the Blood Institute, it is possible that Briley would not have received the blood she needed to stay alive,” said John. “We are very thankful for all of the blood donors that take the time to go out, give and really make a difference.”

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