Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Therapeutic phlebotomy is the removal of blood for medical reasons. It is generally performed by drawing blood from a patient’s arm. Therapeutic phlebotomy must be ordered by a licensed physician, and is used as a treatment for medical conditions when there is too much iron or red blood cells in the body. Therapeutic phlebotomy is offered as a free community service. There is no charge for the procedure if performed at one of our donor centers.

The medical reasons related to this procedure should be discussed with a personal physician.

What happens during therapeutic phlebotomy?
Patients are asked many of the same questions as regular blood donors. Donor room staff check pulse, temperature and hematocrit level (percentage of red blood cells in blood.)  Blood pressure is also taken. A trained staff member uses a one-time use, sterile needle to collect blood from your arm. (Duration of time depends on amount requested to be removed by physician.)

When finished, patients are encouraged to relax in our refreshment area and enjoy snacks for replenishment.

How often will a therapeutic phlebotomy be needed?
A physician will determine how often a patient needs to have therapeutic phlebotomy, and how much blood is to be removed with each visit.

What information is needed to provide a therapeutic phlebotomy?
Therapeutic phlebotomy can only be performed when prescribed by a personal physician and in collaboration with one of our physicians. A physician’s order can be presented in either of these two ways: 

1) Therapeutic Phlebotomy Physician’s Order Form completed by personal physician, or

2) Prescription from personal physician for a therapeutic phlebotomy indicating how much blood is to be removed and how often. A patient will also be asked for a photo ID, date of birth, social security number, address and phone number.


Therapeutic phlebotomies are performed by appointment only during select times, Monday through Thursday.  Please call Beth Smith at 405-419-1361 to schedule an appointment.


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