Cash Herman, blood recipent, and blood donor Mary Herman.Without volunteer blood donors, Oklahoma Blood Institute could not adequately serve patients and hospitals in our communities. Donor Benefit Plans enable us to show our appreciation to blood donors through tangible support. Should a donor or a donor’s tax dependent(s) need life-saving blood, these plans may help defray some medical costs associated with blood transfusions.

Oklahoma Blood Institute supplies blood for any person who is a patient in a hospital it serves. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a resident of the community or not. 

Charges for blood use from Oklahoma Blood Institute are only for normal processing fees, similar to those typically charged by other U.S. blood centers. These fees from Oklahoma Blood Institute help recover costs associated with recruiting donors, collecting, testing, processing and delivering blood to hospitals. 

Fees vary depending upon the type of collection and processing required for specific blood components. Such charges, along with other related fees and hospital expenses, are part of a patient’s hospital bill.

Here’s how Donor Benefit Plans work:

Individual Benefit Plan

Covers individual donors and their tax dependents.

Begins after first blood donation with Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) and is automatically available for up to one year after one’s most recent donation.

Offers financial reimbursement for an individual donor and/or donor’s tax dependents for blood processing fees not covered by insurance as follows:

  • Up to 100 percent of OBI-related, base blood processing fees covered to a maximum of 100 units of red blood cells
  • Up to 20 percent of OBI-related, base blood processing fees covered to a maximum of 20 units of apheresis platelets or plasma
  • Credits can be designated for those in any hospital anywhere.

Donor Group Benefit Plan

Extends Individual Benefit Plan coverage (outlined above) to all members of a qualifying donor group.

To qualify, a donor group must have annual blood donations equal to or greater than 25 percent of its member or employee count.
Begins after a donor group signs-up with an OBI Recruitment Representative and schedules its first blood drive with Oklahoma Blood Institute.

With continued annual participation of 25 percent or more of group’s population, the Donor Group Benefit Plan automatically renews.

Common donor group examples include businesses, churches, civic clubs and schools.

Credit to Patient Plan

Offers a more limited benefit to a patient using blood who does not qualify for an Individual or Donor Group Benefit Plan (as outlined above).

Donor(s) specifies a patient using blood to receive a credit by completing a patient credit form at the time of donation; these are available at donor centers and blood drives upon request.

Credits can be designated for a patient in a hospital in our service area.

Specified patient (or his/her guardian) receives notification of these credits, along with an application form for financial reimbursement. Credits may be used up to two years after given by a blood donor.

Provides financial reimbursement for blood processing fees not covered by insurance as follows:

  • One donation equals one credit for one blood unit used.
  • One credit can cover up to a maximum of 20 percent reimbursement for OBI-related, base blood processing fees for one unit of red blood cells without limit.
  • One credit can cover up to a maximum of 20 percent reimbursement for OBI-related, base blood processing fees for one unit of apheresis platelets or plasma, with a maximum of 20 apheresis units a year.
  • Reimbursement is based upon either number of units used by a patient or number of credits donated on a patient’s behalf, whichever is less. 

Benefit Plan Use

To utilize a plan, a qualifying patient who has received blood (or his/her guardian) follows these steps:

  • Review finalized hospital statement and confirm any blood processing charges not covered by insurance.
  • If a balance for these fees remains, contact our Benefit Plan Coordinator toll-free at 866-708-4995.
  • Discuss Benefit Plan eligibility.
  • Request a financial reimbursement application.
  • Complete an application, and return it along with copies of hospital bill and insurance statement. (Application must be submitted no later than one year from date of hospital discharge.)
  • Based upon Benefit Plan eligibility and Oklahoma Blood Institute base processing fees, reimbursement will be provided for uncovered portions of blood processing fees.
  • Reimbursement check will be made payable to both hospital and patient/guardian.
  • No medical condition requiring a transfusion of any type of blood product is excluded from these Donor Benefit Plans.


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