Reimbursement Report:
AABB has published this billing guide to assist hospitals, clinicians, and billing and coding professionals involved with the utilization and subsequent billing of services and procedures associated with the use of blood and blood products as well as cellular therapies.

Blood Components Reference Card:
The blood component information sheet displays specifics, volume and clinical indications and uses.

Blood Bank Safety Practices:
One hundred twenty-two institutions reviewed samples submitted for ABO typing for 30 days. Labeling error rates were calculated for each participant and tested for associations with institutional demographic and practice variable information. Wrong-blood-in-tube rates were calculated for the 30-day period and for a retrospective 12-month period.

AABB Audioconference Schedule
Oklahoma Blood Institute‘s Immunohematology Reference Laboratory invites you to participate in a variety of audioconferences throughout the year. All conferences are from 1 to 2:30 p.m. 

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