High School

Honor Cord Enrollment

Students must be enrolled by April 30 of their graduating year.

DONATE 6 TIMES by May 1 of your graduating year to receive a certificate & an honor cord for graduation.*

Save lives.

Local patients rely on donors like you for the irreplaceable gift of blood. Enrollment in this program allows you to receive recognition for your role in this lifesaving mission.

Build a powerful resume.

Taking part in the Blood Donor Honor Cord Program develops leadership, project management skills, community engagement and personal character - all important credentials for your future resume.

Enrollment Form

Please only complete this form once. You will need your Donor ID, which is sent to your provided email four days after your first donation. If you need help accessing your donor ID, you can request it here.

*Ability to wear this cord with your graduation robe is subject to rules set by each school.


Those who are unable to donate blood can still take part in this program through volunteering. Four volunteer hours equal one program credit. Volunteer hours can be used in combination with blood donation credits.

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