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Testing Lab

With every donation, our diligent laboratory staff performs dozen of tests to ensure blood products are safe and ready to be transfused to local patients. As a fully licensed and certified laboratory, we maintain the highest standards and lead the nation in applying cutting-edge technology to create the safest blood products possible.

Your blood is first tested for a number of bloodborne conditions, like HIV, Hepatitis C and West Nile virus. If any sample is positive for these issues, our staff will notify the donor and refer them for additional testing and treatment.

After the blood sample has been cleared, additional health screening testing can be performed. We test the cholesterol level of every donor as part of our standard donation process, as well as identifying blood type. These results are provided to the donor through our donor portal, about three business days after donation.

At various points, we also provide additional testing like COVID-19 antibodies and A1c blood sugar levels as an extra benefit to our donors.

In addition to standard blood product testing, our laboratory also performs urgent organ donor testing as an extra service to our community.


  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
  • American Association of Blood Banks
  • Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
  • State of California Department of Public Health
  • Maryland Department of Health
  • Mental Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality