Hello to O-negative Blood Recipients!

We're so glad you're here. First, we would like to say we hope you're feeling well! You've found your way to this page because you have been transfused with O-negative blood.

O-negative blood can be given to patients of any blood type, and it's like a superhero in emergencies when time is of the essence. Cool, right? Learn more below!

You're about to discover something pretty incredible – a superpower, if you will.

Ever heard about O-negative blood? It's not just any blood type; it's the superhero of the blood world. Why? O-negative blood can be given to people with any blood type. Talk about being universal! It could save the life of a newborn baby, someone involved in a terrible car accident, or someone undergoing critical cancer treatment.

In emergencies where every second counts, doctors often count on O-negative blood as the first line of defense. But here's the thing – it's not always in abundance. That's where you come in.

O-negative donors are the backbone of a healthy blood supply. Since you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely your blood type is O-negative.

O-negative Blood Basics Infographic

Once you’re feeling well, please consider becoming a regular blood donor. When you do, you're not just giving blood, you're sending a lifeline to those who need it most. Your decision to donate can be a game-changer for a person in need; and if your family or friends have O-negative blood, they can be a game-changer, too.

With the constant demand and the occasional shortage, every drop counts. Your or your family member's donation could be the one that makes all the difference.

Please help spread the word that O-negative blood is always needed and so important. Join the ranks of O-negative heroes by giving blood today!

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Doubling the Impact of O-negative Blood

If you're looking to maximize the impact of your O-negative blood, your blood type is perfect for a Power Red donation!

A Power Red donation is similar to a whole blood donation, except a special machine allows you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation. The machine then returns your plasma and platelets and adds saline, which may make you feel more hydrated and takes only 30 minutes longer.

To learn more about Power Red donations, click here.

Below are some common usages of O-negative blood that show why it's so precious.

  • Emergency Transfusions

    O-negative blood is routinely used in emergency rooms and trauma situations where there may not be time to determine the patient's blood type before initiating a transfusion.

  • Pregancy, Childbirth, and Newborn Care

    Many newborns and infants receive O-negative blood, as their blood types are not always immediately known, and O-negative blood is a safe option. In fact, O-negative blood is even used to transfuse babies while still in the uterus!

  • Mass Casualty Incidents

    During mass casualty incidents or disasters, O-negative blood is crucial for quickly addressing the needs of many patients with varying blood types. It's the first type of blood doctors turn to, and the first to run out during a shortage.


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