This Life Brought to You By Blood Donors

Haley Whittle

Haley Whittle's life forever changed on August 11, 2011.

On her way to run an errand for a family member, a torrential downpour came out of nowhere.

Haley's car hydroplaned and she went off the road. The passenger side of her car slammed into a concrete culvert, sending her airborne.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury, collapsed lungs, a crushed pelvis and a neck injury.

"My first surgery was to repair the pelvis," Haley recalled. "I was placed on life support and removed three times. Each time I was removed, my lungs would collapse. After several bronchoscopies, the decision was then made to do a tracheotomy — which ultimately allowed my lungs to heal. Every tube that was placed throughout my body was disposing of blood as well as the multiple brain bleeds."

Mutiple surgeries and blood transfusions played a critical part in her recovery. She is now a proud one-gallon donor with Our Blood Institute.

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