This Life Brought to You By Blood Donors

Shari England

More than 23 years ago, Shari England was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that was silently destroying her organs.

It began with her thyroid, then her gallbladder and finally her liver — and she was placed on a liver transplant list in 1999.

But Shari's story started in the mid-1990s when she attempted to donate blood at one of her hometown's OBI Blood Drives. She had received two deferral letters following her donations, advising her blood did not qualify because her ALT levels were elevated. The letter also included a list of possible reasons, many of which did not seem to fit her lifestyle profile.

She did not let that discourage her and continued to try to donate but received one final letter advising her to not attempt to donate again, and to bring the letter to her doctor.

It was this “mini physical” that activated her journey to a deeper understanding of previous health issues that left doctors scratching their heads — a discovery that led to her eventual need for a liver transplant.

In the two years leading up to her transplant, her portal vein burst on two occasions and caused her to lose nearly half her blood volume. She received several lifesaving units of blood to sustain her life so that she could eventually receive her liver transplant in August 2001. Without these blood transfusions, the liver transplant would never have taken place.

Today, Shari is living a healthy life, is married, has three grown children and six grandchildren. She operates a clothing alterations business in Medford, Oklahoma, specializing in wedding and prom gowns. She recently did wedding gown work for an OBI employee from the Enid Center.

This life brought to you by blood donors.

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