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As a Drive Coordinator, you make all the difference for the blood supply, so we want to ensure you are well supported. Check out the tools below as you work toward a successful blood drive.

Drive Coordinator Timeline

Blood Drive Timeline: A guide to leading successful blood drives

Did you know that 70 percent of blood provided for local patients is collected through mobile drives? Let's work together toward a win for the community! Reference this 8-week pre-drive timeline to make sure you have all your bases covered before your drive.

  • 8+ Weeks Before Drive
    • Identify organization population (what’s realistic for this drive?)
    • Confirm date, time, place and permissions
      • Confirm with principal, administration, management, or other leadership
      • Are there any conflicting activities on this date?
      • Will this time be convenient for the most amount of donors?
  • 6 Weeks Before Drive
    • Organize team of recruiters/committee
      • What kind of committee is needed? What will their specific duties be? Is there a representative from every area of the organization?
    • Begin planning communication strategies
    • Develop recruitment plans that rally the organization
    • Work with your Account Consultant to schedule a presentation to your donor group about the blood drive and importance of blood donation
  • 3-4 Weeks Before Drive
    • Presentation with Account Consultant to your donor group about the blood drive and importance of blood donation
    • Hold “kick off” event for representatives
    • Gather committee for logistics meeting
    • Define communication strategy
    • Begin executing tasks identified in the communication strategies committee meeting
  • 2 Weeks Before Drive
    • Sign up donors on appointment list
    • Confirm appointments with scheduled donors
    • Continue donor recruitment
  • 1 Week Before Drive
    • Communicate pre-sign numbers to recruiter
    • Re-confirm location and any special room arrangements required
    • Continue donor recruitment
  • Day Before Drive
    • Make reminder calls to donors to confirm appointments and reminder to bring photo ID
    • Organize blood drive materials needed for day of drive
    • Confirm expected donor count with recruiter
    • Confirm plans with building maintenance/security
    • Post “Tomorrow is the Day” signs
  • Day Of Drive
    • Post signage around area (yard signs, posters, directional signs)
    • Make reminder calls to donors who miss appointments
  • Day After Drive
    • Thank those who donated or tried to donate
    • Check on possible dates for future blood drives

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While Supplies Last Toolkit

Programs Booklet

Check out the different programs you can leverage to boost your blood drive.

Programs Booklet

Drive Coordinator Portal

Did you know you can log in to your Drive Coordinator Portal to see drive results, upcoming blood drives, and communicate with your donors? Reach out to your Account Consultant for your username and password.

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