Thank the Donor®

Thank the Donor® is a free and simple web-enabled service that allows blood product recipients to send messages of gratitude anonymously to their donors.

Thank the Donor® messages show the impact that blood donation has on a life. Whether celebrating another birthday, ringing the cancer-free bell or welcoming a new life into the world, these treasured moments wouldn’t be possible without blood donors.

31,000 Stories And Counting

Since Thank The Donor® was introduced, more than 31,000 notes of appreciation have been written to blood donors across the country. Here are some of the most touching messages written to Our Blood Institute donors. Every time you donate blood, plasma or platelets, you could receive a message just like this!

This Life Brought to You By Blood Donors

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It takes about 1,400 blood donations a day for Our Blood Institute to meet the needs of hospitals across Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

Every blood donation has the potential to help as many as three patients. Learn more about the impact of these donations from those who have benefitted from these lifesaving gifts.

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Thank the Donor® captures the essence of living the Attitude of Gratitude™️.

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