Begin a journey to save lives with the Social Media Ambassador Program!

Sundee Busby, Director of Volunteer Services, is here to tell you why the Social Media Ambassador program may be the right path for you!

Helping others is only part of the benefit!

Why Volunteer as a Social Media Ambassador (SMA)?

  • Our community of SMAs is made up of students, influencers, retirees, and people from all other walks of life who want to share a remarkable cause across their networks. All you need is an existing social media account to participate!
  • College and high school students! You can receive education in a variety of career paths - from healthcare to marketing.
  • Choose your level of participation, by committing only to the SMA journey that fits your schedule and interests.
  • Build up your resume while becoming an expert in the importance of blood donation and positively impacting your community.
  • Are you creative? We invite you to use your unique perspective to create content representing Our Blood Institute's programs and initiatives.
  • Pre-made OBI digital materials are also available to share as posts and reels.


SMA Testimonials

Want to know what it is like to serve as an SMA for Our Blood Institute? Check out these personal stories of current Ambassadors who have found a place in the program.

Camryn Schroeder

Camryn Schroeder became a Social Media Ambassador for Our Blood Institute in 2022. She was crowned Oklahoma Teen for USA National Miss and selected her passion for blood donation as her platform to share worldwide. Camryn attributes her desire to help others to her sister's health issues at a young age. She hopes that by spreading awareness about the life-saving gift of giving blood, others will be inspired to fulfill their civic duty to the community by donating as well.

Akash Patel

Akash Patel is a teacher, nonprofit leader and an Our Blood Institute Social Media Ambassador who uses his platforms as a tool to instill in others the impact of blood donation. As of November 2023, the 32-year-old has already accomplished 45 lifetime blood donations. Patel is also the founder of Happy World Foundation, a nonprofit organization that brings global citizens in classrooms worldwide to impart anti-bias multicultural and multilingual education. Patel is a recipient of several state and national awards for his efforts promoting global citizenship in schools and communities in Oklahoma, Texas and abroad. He speaks six languages, has traveled to over 30 countries and has even had his own TED Talk.

  • Choose the SMA Journey that is right for you!

    Pioneer (Level 1)

    • Occasionally reposts content from the OBI main page and/or volunteer page.
    • Is not responsible for creating any organic content or visiting any blood drives in person.
    • 6-month time commitment is required.
  • Choose the SMA Journey that is right for you!

    Traveler (Level 2)

    "Pioneer" level engagement PLUS,

    • Post organic content at least 2 times per month.
    • Visit a donor center or mobile blood drive in your region to shoot social media content. Content should highlight promotions, and include interviews of donors, volunteers, and staff. Share their stories about the importance of blood donation!
  • Choose the SMA Journey that is right for you!

    Adventurer (Level 3)

    "Traveler" level engagement PLUS,

    • Post organic content at least 4 times per month.
    • Visit at least one blood drive a month and/or donate when eligible, record the experience, and post via a reel or story.
    • Actively review content provided by OBI on the shared site and post when there is a need or a specific ask (O-Negative blood shortage, etc.)
    • Participate in blood drives at your school, in your community, or connected to another affiliation and promote those specific drives on your social pages.
  • Choose the SMA Journey that is right for you!

    Explorer (Level 4)

    “Adventurer” level engagement PLUS,

    • Actively promote the SMA program in your community and help recruit new social media ambassadors who want to support blood donation.
    • Expand your knowledge and promote at least one OBI program that helps encourage blood donation. Thank the Donor or Global Blood Fund are just two examples of these programs.
    • Share the benefits of these programs through speaking engagements and other opportunities within your affiliations.
  • Choose the SMA Journey that is right for you!

    Navigator (Leader)

    “Explorer” level engagement PLUS,

    • Helps mentor other ambassadors with ideas for strategy and content.
    • Maintains weekly communication with the Volunteer Coordinator for additional ideas and ways to help.
    • Participates in additional learning opportunities within OBI as it relates to programming, behind-the-scenes work, tours, meet and greet with executives, and in-person education.

Superstar SMA Posts

These SMAs share their own content along with pre-made graphics.

Already a Social Media Ambassador?

Below you can find Our Blood Institute marketing resources to share on your social channels or schedule a time to meet with Blair from Volunteer Services to learn social media marketing tips, tricks, and best practices. You can also click to learn more about our Honor Cord Program, or download the Social Media Ambassador Handbook to keep!