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How Blood is Used

Blood has no substitute, but is needed every two seconds to treat and improve a number of health issues and conditions.

From premature babies to hospice patients, blood can be used to heal, sustain and provide quality of life. Blood is an essential part of a strong healthcare system, providing life and healing to patients at all stages of recovery.


Blood is needed every two seconds, but there remains no substitute for donated blood. Blood products are used every day to treat and improve a number of health conditions, including:

  • Cancer treatments

    Red blood cells and platelets are given regularly to patients undergoing chemotherapy, to replenish what is lost as a result of the treatment. These products often give an immediate and noticeable boost to the patient’s energy level.

  • Blood loss during childbirth

    Blood loss after childbirth remains a leading risk factor for maternal mortality. Many patients require rapid transfusion of multiple units of blood to replenish what is lost during birth.

  • Trauma-related blood loss

    After trauma, blood units are given immediately to replace what was lost due to internal or external bleeding. Often, these situations don’t allow hospitals the time to type-match the blood units, meaning universal O-negative blood units are needed.

  • Babies born prematurely

    Many premature babies are anemic, unable to naturally replenish their red blood cells like term infants can. Blood products – specifically those negative for common antigens – are needed to help these babies.

  • Blood disorders

    Often, blood disorders – like sickle cell anemia and hemophilia – require blood products as part of their treatment and long-term care. When patients are unable to replenish certain parts of their blood, transfusions can replace the missing components and improve health.

  • Surgeries

    Blood is a critical part of surgeries, even if it’s not used during the procedure. To perform a surgery, enough blood must be available on the shelf in case an emergency complication does arise.

  • Hospice support

    Blood products are sometimes given to patients in hospice care, as part of their end-of-life support. These transfusions can improve quality of life and add precious moments that can be used to say goodbye to loved ones.

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