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Ongoing Help from Blood Donors Keeps Young Boy Alive

By Tahira Taqi

Six-year-old Joseph Newport needs blood transfusions every three weeks to stay alive.  The Newport family adopted Joseph from China at nine months of age.  Soon, they learned he had Thalassemia Major, the most severe form of anemia.  The only treatment to combat this life-threatening disease is regular blood transfusions.

Wide-eyed Joseph has a simple explanation, “I don’t make red blood cells, so I need people to put blood in bags for me.”

JosephJoseph’s bone marrow is missing the genetic markers that make functioning red blood cells. Since he doesn’t make any red blood cells, he will have blood needs for his entire life.

Soon after Jennifer adopted Joseph and brought him home, there was a very serious blood shortage in China. If Joseph had stayed there, because...// Read More

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