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This Holiday Season, Give Back with Global Blood Fund

Fifteen years in, Global Blood Fund has made a remarkable difference in the lives of people all over the world. None of it would have been possible without your support.


For nearly five decades, Our Blood Institute has been deeply rooted in our local communities, driven by a mission to provide hospitals and patients lifesaving blood at a moment's notice. But did you know that we also run an international nonprofit dedicated to helping some of the world's most under-resourced countries collect blood safely and sufficiently?

Global Blood Fund has delivered millions of dollars in grants, equipment, training and other forms of support to over 50 countries since its founding as a charity in 2008. We aim to do even more in 2024, with your help. Fortunately, joining in on our efforts has never been easier.

Charitable impact of Global Blood Fund since 2008

Become an Open Arms Donor

Through our Open Arms Program, OBI blood donors can send money to Global Blood Fund without spending a penny. Just let your phlebotomist know that you'd like to donate your gifted T-shirt and OBI will direct the cost of the shirt to Global Blood Fund. It's that easy, and the impact of your no-cost donation is felt all over the world, from Mexico to Lebanon, Peru to Bangladesh.

Want to become an Open Arms donor?

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Keep Your Shirt, Give Directly

Don't want to give up your OBI T-shirt? That's understandable, we love them too! That's why we've created several other paths to a Global Blood Fund donation. You can:

  • Text "blood" to 52000 for a $5 Global Blood Fund contribution
  • Make a one-time or recurring donation through
  • Convert your Donor Store points into a GBF donation

Interested in converting your Donor Store points? Make sure to download our new mobile app and donate blood between now and January 12 for DOUBLE points. Restrictions apply.

What You'll Be Supporting

This past year, recognizing the tremendous hardships Ukrainian blood center workers have been facing since Russia's invasion, OBI and Global Blood Fund reached out to Zaporizhzhia Regional Blood Service Center in southeastern Ukraine. We quickly learned that the center's 150 employees – many of whom moved into the building's basement at the onset of the war and work 12 hour days, seven days a week – were in desperate need of a little kindness. Beginning in April, OBI and Global Blood Fund partnered with a Ukrainian NGO to provide freshly cooked meals to the center each week.

Medical reception officer Maryna Kyrchkova said the lunches brought her and her co-workers closer together. Paramedic laboratory assistant Vladyslav Shubin called the meals "tasty and balanced."

Such a project would not have been possible without the generosity of OBI's donors. It's important to us that we share the tangible impact of your contributions, so donate in any one of the ways listed above and we'll send you a monthly email with a different story of Global Blood Fund's work and how you helped make it a reality. Thank you and have a happy holidays.